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Name: Tassos Kollias
Beitrag vom: 30.01.2009
Dear sirs

I am very sorry spending your valuable time but I think you are the only you can solve my problem.
I am collector and grower of Meditereanean terrestrial orchids. In my try to have the optimal success for my plants I am doing every year experiments with different soils or mixes of them so last year I knew from our Terrestrial orchid forum (from a member from Germany) about your product “Neudohum pflanzerde “.After many tries to find it here in Greece where I live without success, I ask a German friend and collector to send me some of this to make my experiments this year , and He did it. So during September 2008 I received from him 2 lt of the soil and I planted many different species to small pots. The results are extremely good.All the plants don’t have not even a sign of rotting and everyone is much healthier than the others in my normal soil mix.So my problem is how can I purchase this product .As I knew I cannot buy it here in Greece so is it any other way to purchase it ? Can you send me this product here? I am interesting for two-three bags now but probably at summer time when I am repotting my plants (I have more than 1000 pots) I will need much more.
Thanks in advance

Tassos Kollias
Alkinooy 13
49-100 Corfu – Kerkira
Beitrag vom: 04.02.2009
Dear Mr. Kollias,

thanks for your interest in our NeudoHum PflanzErde. We are pleased to hear that your terrestrial orchids are thrieving so well in this soil.
Unfortunately we have no regular commercial agency for soils in Greece, but one of our trading partners from Germany will contact you via email. Probably there will we found a way how you can get enough NeudoHum PflanzErde for your next repotting-action.

With best regards
i.A. Kristin Germeyer
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