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Malusan Wound sealant

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(Malusan Wundverschluss)
  • plant improvement agent
  • Latex compound, argil minerals, water
  • protective coating for wound treatment for all fruit and decorative trees
  • mechanical barrier prevents penetration by organisms that destroy wood
  • prevents the penetration of pathogens
  • reliably prevents wound from drying out and thereby promotes healing
  • easy to apply, thus fertile
  • not drip, application temperature -2 to 30°C
  • gives complete, flexible sore coating with much adherence
  • clean wound thoroughly, removing loose pieces of bark
  • remove rot down to healthy wood
  • cover the wound well up to about 1 cm beyond the edge of the wound
Storage: store where product is not subject to frost
Packaging sizes: 125 ml, 275 ml brush tube, 1 l bin