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Balsamol foliage fertilizer

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(Balsamol Blattdünger)
  • organic nitrogen fertilizer solution (9 % N)
  • with 55 % natural amino-acids in water solution
  • particularly quick, direct absorption through leaves
  • for foliar fertilization and strengthening of spruce, fir, pine, yew, white cedar, cypress, juniper and other evergreens such as rhododendrons, laurel and holly
  • revitalizes and strengthens conifers suffering damage from pollution, frost, drought or poor environmental conditions
  • significantly improves quality and yield in strawberries, vines, fruit trees, raspberries, tomatoes, roses, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce and other food crops
  • depending on the condition of the plants, 0.3-1 % solution (3-10 ml per 1 litre of water), to be thoroughly sprayed onto the affected plants
Storage: not under -15°C
Packaging sizes: 250 ml bottle