Sponsoring – helping people to help themselves

We support various associations and initiatives that are particularly close to our hearts. There are so many worthy projects that it's very difficult to choose. With every project it's important to us that there is a long-term impact, that management of the donated funds is transparent, and that the project helps people to help themselves

We support these organisations:

Non-profit organisation Tropica Verde

Neudorff supports Tropica Verde

The tropical rainforests are the most species-rich ecosystems on our planet. They stabilise the climate and regulate the global water supply. They yield foodstuffs and raw materials, some of which are also used by Neudorff. The existence of these unique habitats is continually threatened. Large-scale clearing of the valuable timber endangers the finely balanced symbiotic plant and animal communities. Deforested areas lose their topsoil and become desertified, making it impossible for virgin forest to re-establish itself. The impact of the rainforest on our climate is well-known. We must act now to preserve our environment to prevent more serious consequences. That's why we work with the association Tropica Verde e.V. to preserve these forests. Thanks to our collaboration, to date we have protected more than 30 ha of tropical primary forest and supported 5 reforestation projects.
Specifically, we support the following Tropica Verde projects:

  • Monte Alto: Reforestation in the source region of the Rio Nosara. Large areas of valuable rainforest were being cleared in this region for extensive livestock farming. The natural vegetation and the water supply are regenerating; many animal and plant species are returning.   
  • Reserva Finca Curré - the stepping stone in the Talamanca-Caribe biological corridor The coastal rainforests of the Caribbean are under serious threat. The purchase of around 85 hectares of primary forest has protected a valuable link in the Talamanca-Caribe biological corridor from direct clearing.
  • Maquenque - Salvation for the Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus)
    Poaching, illegal trade and the almost total destruction of their habitat have brought the Great Green Macaw to the brink of extinction. By protecting their breeding areas and supporting active environmental education in the region, we are giving the rare parrots a new chance at survival.

Sustainability, whether in our own gardens at home or in the tropical rainforest, is very close to our hearts. By protecting the tropical rainforests we are making an active contribution to CO2 offsetting and to climate protection.

School garden projects

We believe: school garden work is important! Therefore, we support school gardens in many different ways. The The National German Association for School Gardens (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Schulgarten e.V.) receives an annual donation of money to support the aims of the association. Neudorff sponsors a grant in cooperation with the University of Vechta to support scientific research into “school gardens”. You'll find more on the subject of school gardens here. We have already donated products to many schools, which facilitate and enrich the teachers' work and the children's learning experience in school gardens.
Neudorff also thinks beyond national borders and supports a project in Mali, which is supervised by the africa-co-operation e.V. association.

africa-co-operation e.V.

We support this association, which works to provide school children in Mali in West Africa with the means to cultivate their own food in their school gardens.
Secondary schools in Mali are mainly only found in larger towns. As a result, many pupils in Mali have to leave their villages and stay with guest families. They have to pay for their stay with money or food, both of which are in short supply.
Boarding schools with canteens would allow the pupils to concentrate more on their education and with greater success. That's why we support the work of the association, together with local organisations, to develop measures that ensure a reliable supply of vegetables for the school canteen in Fangasso from the school's own garden. This reduces costs in the school canteen and also increases the children's knowledge of natural cultivation methods for indigenous crops.

Latest News from the School Garden Project in Mali

In January, a Neudorff colleague with the Africa co-operation e.V. Association was on the road in the African country of Mali where Neudorff supports the establishment of a school garden to ensure that the local children have enough food. Setting up a school garden will go a long way towards helping the children in Mali. A 1,000 square meter area could be fenced. In April, at the beginning of the rainy season, the students will be able to plant vegetables and fruit there for the first time.A cooling system with a photovoltaic unit was installed and handed over by Africa co-operation e.V. Association to the health centre in Fangasso as part of the project, which can be used as a drug and vaccine storage. Moreover, a former Neudorff van was handed over to the Hospital of San after extensive modification and retrofitting to an ambulance.We believe that the Association provides practical on-site assistance in a non-bureaucratic way to support the local people.

For more information about the campaign, please visit:
Information about the Association

Radio Aktiv Hamelin

We support the work of our local radio station radio aktiv in Hamelin with an annual donation. This radio station has won many great awards for its reporting. It reports professionally and competently on local issues. What we like especially about radio aktiv is that it offers varied programming for diverse social groups, for children, young people, the elderly etc.

Fischbeck orchards

We are supporting the orchard in Fischbeck (near Hameln) set up in 2012 by the Heimatverein Fischbeck e.V. (local heritage society) by providing an annual contribution to ensure that it is well maintained. As well as old varieties of fruits (apples, pears, plums), there are now beehives too.
In 2008 Heimatverein Fischbeck e.V. began planting old varieties to complement the existing rows of fruit trees in Fischbeck, and it looks after all the fruit trees in the Fischbeck district. An important task which helps to maintain the cultural landscape.
To get this over to the youngest members of the community and to make sensible use of the fruit trees' yield, regular must-making days are organised with the local primary school and the scouts. Here the children are allowed to harvest the fruit and help with the juice-making process which in the end results in "Fischbecker Apple Juice". The new fruit orchard was created in the autumn of 2012 to expand these activities and to show children how an orchard grows.
We believe this is a good activity which all sides benefit from!

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